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The Solar Powered Automated Rapid Transit Ascendant Network (SPARTAN) Superway is an ongoing research and development program started at San Jose State University by Dr. Burford Furman and Ron Swenson.

Spartan Superway’s dedication to research is one of our core ideals with the goal of displaying the feasibility and potential of ATN (Automated Transportation Network) technology. We have conducted studies in the past about ATNs and their possible future in Silicon Valley. For this purpose, we partner with MTI (Mineta Transportation Institute) in order to help fund our research and showcase this new mode of transportation.

Because we are always in the search of new, passionate and committed talent,  we commend you to explore the different research areas we are currently working on and find a topic of your interest where you consider that you could contribute to our project.

Research topics


  • Bogie design (Main focus 2022-24)

  • Guideway design

  • Mechatronics

  • Electrical system

  • Photovoltaic energy harness

engineering white-01-01.png


  • Station design

  • Pier design


Urban Planning

  • Urban integration

  • Route design

urban-planning white-01-01.png

Industrial design

  • Pod car design (exterior)

  • Podcar design (interior)

  • UX design

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN white-01-01.png

Our Mission

Move the entire community in a clean, convenient, accessible way.

We partner with San Jose State University to provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in renewable energy as well as prepare them for the engineering workforce of tomorrow. These students are able to provide expertise in different areas of the project as they come from a multitude of different programs and disciplines.

SPARTAN Superway is devoted to a transportation solution that is both flexible and sustainable in order to combat the increasing danger of climate change.

Core Values


Innovation creates a culture of creativity and collaboration within our teams, leading to  more motivated, productive, and engaged students .


Education is essential for innovation. Not only does it provide the necessary knowledge and skills to progress in today’s competitive world, but it also encourages creativity and problem-solving. i


In Solar skyways we are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for all people to explore, create, and innovate.

 We strive to ensure that our system integrates seamlessly with accessibility tools and technologies.

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