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Industrial Design


Solar Skyways has assembled an industrial design team dedicated to creating innovative transportation solutions. Our most recent efforts focus on the importance of User centered design principles in the configuration of the different elements of the new transportation system that will interact with the user. 

Pod car design (exterior)

Vehicle design  focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing designs that are also efficient and safe. Speed efficiency is an important factor when it comes to vehicle design, as it is necessary for the whole system to operate effienclty and use solar energy efficiently and responsibly. 

POD CA Zoom Rev.jpg

Pod car design (interior)

Interior design should focus on providing a comfortable and safe environment for users, while still making the space enjoyable and relaxing during every single moment that the user interacts with it. 


UX design

Information communication plays a crucial part in the correct operation of our system. The user must have first hand information about every single aspect of her trip so that she can take the best decisions. That is why we are working on developing communication displays that help people with all types of different perceptual abilities to find the right information they require.

3 (1).jpg

Complementary design

We are also designing all of the complementary gadgets that will play a an additional role within the system to make the whole experience a memorable one.

Imagen 2 esquema app.jpg
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