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Urban planning


In order to encompass all of the areas that will interact with the new system we considered early on the inclusion of urban planners to help us consider all of the factors present in cities that could be changed or improved that would ultimately impact in a positive way the quality of life and well-being of people that would use the system while maintaining sustainability standards.

The creation of strategic plans has proven a key element in keeping our concepts grounded in reality which has required not only an ample understanding of the  interests and needs of residents, businesses and communities but also a thorough understanding of penal and zonal codes. 

Urban integration

Within the holistic approach we are using to cover all of the crucial aspects of this project, urban integration plays a regulatory role between all of the other areas and their impacts on the city and its people. 

The work of our urban planners in this specific topic is to ensure the correct adaptation of the system to its urban environment and optimize its benefits.

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Route design

Many routes have been designed over the past years depending upon the different urban environments we have encountered in each particular case. 

We are currently working on a route that connects SJSU main campus to their South Campus.

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