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We want everyone to be excited about SSW!

We have created this website to report on our progress, but also to talk about the many challenges we are facing.
Our project is still in its early stages, which is exciting, but also quite complicated. That's why we need all the support we can get, and that's where you come in. If you think you can help us think differently about mobility, please contact us. We are open to any proposals that could enrich our journey towards new forms of sustainable micromobility.

Solar skyways' primary goal is to find a transportation alternative that is both flexible and sustainable in order to combat the increasing danger of climate change.
However, other
mobility problems such as traffic, overpopulation, lack of transportation infrastructure, lack of safety and many others came into play to make us think of ways in which our system could tackle them all at the same time. 
By creating a new,
cost-effective transportation grade above the existing road infrastructure and running automated pods through it, we dramatically reduce transportation costs while improving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, reliability and passenger comfort.
For these reasons, we have defined our system as a solar-powered, fully automated, elevated personal rapid transit network.
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Solar powered


Fully automated


Elevated network


Personal rapid transit vehicle

Of course, one of our biggest concerns was finding new sources of energy that are sustainable to power our system.
In 2021, we conducted a study that showed that grid-tied solar energy, combined with battery storage, is capable of powering our transportation system which could become an alternative to current modes of transportation in a variety of contexts.

The main goal of automation is to improve the performance of the system. With automation we can reduce costs, waste of time and energy, increase the efficiency of the trips, reduce errors and control all the processes of the system in real time.
Thanks to an array of sensors and the networking of the vehicles with each other and in constant communication with the central navigation control, accidents will be significantly reduced.

Grade separation has always been an essential aspect of our overall concept. Combined with the automation of the system, grade separation provides a more controlled environment that is less prone to accidents and frees up space at ground level.

Numerous studies (which can be consulted here) demonstrate the lack of acceptance of the current public transportation system among the population. The idea here is to create a travel space that is as personal and individual as possible, combining the best aspects of owning a car with the best benefits of public transportation.

Innovation is difficult to manage. We have used different strategies in the past that have produced different results from which we have learned invaluable lessons.

Now we have reached a point where we have become quite efficient in team building and management.

We are able to put together highly efficient work teams that can accomplish a lot with very little.

On the other hand, we have already built full-scale prototypes that have not only provided us with high-quality information for further engineering and design specifications, but also a network of material suppliers and factories that are able to build anything we come up with, with great precision and speed.

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"Whenever you get the idea that you are 'fixed' or that anything is 'fixed' for life, you'd better get ready for a sudden change."

Henry Ford

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