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01 CENTRAL STATION (2)_edited.jpg

The architecture team of Solar Skyways works on deveoping the stations and the support infrasturcture for the new transportation system.

The team is composed of a variety of experts, who are able to work together to achieve the best results, such as, engineers, architects, and developers. The team is responsible for the design and development of the public transportation system, as well as its implementation. This team will also be responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the system.

Station design

We are designing our stations using a user centered philosophy that will ensure the safety, conenience and comfort of our users during their journey through out all of our faciliteis at all time.

No longer will stations be an annoying, overcrowded place full of all sorts of inconveniences, but will become a place of tranquility and relaxation.  

26 NORTH STATION 01 (4).jpg

Modular design

Many routes have been designed over the past years depending upon the different urban environments we have encountered in each particular case. 

We are currently working on a route that connects SJSU main campus to their South Campus.

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