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The stations

Aérea Mid Station.jpg

The stations are the point of connection between our system and our users, therefore they provide all of the necessary infrastructure and communication systems that will generate the correct environment for people to use the system in the most convenient and stress-free way.

We created an architecture team back in 2018 to tackle the formidable task of designing the stations that enable users to board our pods in the most efficient way.

Central station double.jpg

The boarding stations will incorporate solar panels to harvest renewable energy. This means that the stations will be sustainable and eco-friendly, reducing the carbon footprint of the transport system. The stations have also been thought out to be composed of modular segments that are built and preassembled off site for a quick and effortless implementation.

16 central02.jpg

The stations will also feature disabled-friendly accessibility features such as ramps, lifts, wide doors for wheelchair access, and audio and visual enhancements for the hearing or sight-impaired passengers.


The stations are being designed with advanced technology to ensure a seamless experience for passengers. With facilities such as interactive information kiosks, digital signage displays, and user-friendly touch screens, passengers can obtain real-time information on routes, estimated time of arrival, and other transport-related details.

3 (1).jpg

The station's design enables people to interact with others during their journeys, creating meaningful connections with one another. Travelling is also more comfortable, as our designs make it easier to access amenities, such as comfortable seating and more spacious areas for passengers which also makes travelling more efficient, as it can help reduce travel time and improve safety.

10 south station 02.jpg

Finally, our stations' design can make travelling more enjoyable, as it adds elements of fun, such as interactive displays, music, and art installations.

26 NORTH STATION 01 (4).jpg

Learn how the system will be adapted to different contexts

Industrial parks


Vulnerable areas



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