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System adaptability

Industrial parks


There are many settings in which the Solar Skyways system solves many mobility problems at the same time with little effort and investment.
We are working on making the cost of implementation, operation, and maintenance low enough that decision makers can take the critical step toward a cleaner, more efficient form of transportation.
One scenario we have studied in depth is that of industrial parks, where people and goods need to get from one building to another within the complex, traveling distances that are not easy to cover on foot, but where using vehicles on the ground also sometimes causes traffic, congestion and accidents 
What better way to relieve the internal, ground level streets of fast traffic than to have it take place overhead while allowing people to walk to nearby facilities in the safest way possible.
Another distinctive feature of this type of environment that favors the implementation of our system is the fact that most industrial parks are built on large parcels of land that are not surrounded by tall buildings, trees or other high obstacles that could block the sun, making them ideal locations for our solar panels to operate at maximum efficiency.

Automated transportation is the future of public transportation and Solar Skyways makes it safe, reliable and affordable.





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