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Photovoltaic energy


Of course, one of our biggest concerns is finding new sources of energy to power our system, that are sustainable.
In 2021, we conducted a study that showed that grid-tied solar energy, combined with battery storage, is capable of powering a transportation system that could replace current modes of transportation in a variety of contexts.

The proposed energy system generates electricity with a canopy of photovoltaic modules placed over the guideway and stations. It also includes an energy storage device so that the operation of the transportation system can be maintained overnight. Finally, it must be connected to the electrical grid to export excess solar power during times of overproduction and import demanded power during times of underproduction.


Assuming a guideway length of 650 m, with one active vehicle moving on the guideway 24 hours a day, the estimated energy consumption per year is approximately 5.32 x 104 Kwh. Assuming 150 m between stops, and depending o the specific characteristics of the selected panel for the PV canopy, the required numbers of solar panels needed to satisfy the daily energy consumption would be approximately 94 to 125 also depending on the inteletracks design.


Learn how the system will be adapted to different contexts

Industrial parks


Vulnerable areas



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