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Envisioning Solar Skyways in Silicon Valley

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At the request of the City of San José's Department of Transportation, the General Transportation Fund, Rodzmas, INIST, Spartan Superway, Southern Illinois University, and Swenson Solar have collaborated to present a vision for Solar Skyways in Silicon Valley.

We envision an unobtrusive guideway above the streets with small podcars for you and your family, friends, or colleagues. We offer to liberate the landscape at street level for people, pets, flowers, and sidewalk cafes.

Riding high above the streets!

With many stations, small and large, we can get you there quickly, right where you want to go.

Station at the Shark Tank

Authorized riders will be able to take a podcar right to their office or high rise apartment building. With offline stations, folks en route to other destinations will go right past the building without stopping.

Station on the upper deck of a Landmaker highrise

Where freeways have cut through neighborhoods, separating former neighbors, podcars can restore connectivity without the expense of high overpasses.

Getting around town at night, riding under the freeway

This map shows how the podcar network navigates the streets to quickly get you to your destination.

Navigating the maze so you can slip under the freeway

Though it's not the first choice, where at-grade barriers are too daunting, it is after all possible to build the guideway over freeways.

Going higher and higher to cross over the freeway

Automated cars invading our cities, creating even more congestion, noise, and danger at every turn? Or a smart city restored for people -- the technology for our transportation system to rise above the streets is now at hand -- and the choice is ours again.

Our formal presentations to the City of San José Department of Transportation can be seen here:

Stay tuned for more!

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