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Ron Swenson, Founder & CEO at Solar Skyways

It would mean a lot to us here at Solar Skyways if you could join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future. We are currently working on the development of innovative technology that, among other things, uses the power of the sun to create a cleaner and more environmentally friendly way of traveling. Get ready to...

ride the future with us!


Our project


At Solar Skyways we are designing a system of self driving vehicles that run suspended from an elevated guideway powered by photovoltaic energy.    

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Some of the key features of this system are that it can be built quickly and on an attractive budget, that it can be adapted to different types of environments, not just urban ones, and that it is easy to expand. Our goal is to contribute to the reduction of car traffic by transporting people and goods along an at-grade route using photovoltaics and self-driving, zero-emission vehicles.

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Solarskyways' main directives 


We currently consist of a group of mechanical engineers, software engineers and industrial designers who are working on the purely operational aspects of the system.
We are conducting initial trial tests to confirm that our main control system is capable of sending instructions to our vehicles to achieve the expected effect.

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Solarskyways' current tests



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