PRT in Sweden

On You Tube

See also Bubbles and Beams II, visualizing a family outing.

How can we turn sun radiation into automotion? [article/pdf] [ppt] [calculations] hosted by Swedish Institute for Transport and Communications Analysis (SIKA) and the Centre for Sustainable Development (CHU), Stockholm, Sweden [2007 November]

Can podcars be driven by solar energy? [ppt] [Video] [2007 October]

The Podcar City, International PRT Conference, Uppsala, Sweden [2007 October]

Förarlöst testas i Uppsala [2007 May 29]

The first public moving pictures from the test site is on Swedish TV tonight.

Bubbles and Beams, A Convenient Future (higher resolution, same as You-Tube video at right)

IST presentation to CEC [ppt, 6 mb] by Christer Lindstrom and Magnus Hunhammar [2007 January]

Solar PRT [ppt, 1.6 mb] by Ron Swenson [2007 January]

Memorandum of Understanding, California and Sweden, on renewable fuels and energy [2006 June]
Making Sweden an Oil-Free Society by the Swedish Commission on Oil Independence [2006 June 21]
"In December 2005, the Government appointed a commission to draw up a comprehensive programme to reduce Sweden’s dependence on oil. There were several reasons for this. The price of oil affects Sweden’s growth and employment. Oil still plays a major role for peace and security throughout the world. There is a great potential for Swedish raw materials as alternatives to oil. But, above all, the extensive burning of fossil fuels threatens the living conditions of future generations. Climate change is a fact which we politicians must face. Broad and long-term political efforts are needed."

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